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Battleborn Family Law was created with the customer of legal services in mind.  Its purpose is to educate, inform, and ultimately empower the customer of legal services in the realm of family law.  Educated, informed, and empowered, potential clients meet with their potential legal counsel equipped with the knowledge to make important decisions about their family law matters.  This of course benefits the potential client.  But it also benefits potential legal counsel by allowing those attorneys to focus on issues specific to that client rather than spending time during initial consultations discussing general background concepts.  This site also aims to provide information about developing trends in family law and other important issues to consider in decision making.  At Battleborn Family Law, we believe in one basic concept - knowledge is power.

Battleborn Family Law was created and is maintained by Scott H. Husbands.  Scott is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada.  He graduated from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2007 and has actively practiced law since being first admitted to practice in Washington in the fall of 2007.  Prior to attending law school, Scott worked for over six years as a paralegal and litigation support technology analyst for some of the country's largest and most prestigious law firms.


Scott dedicates his practice to family law and domestic relations with additional areas of focus on transfers of property and business planning.  Scott currently works as an Associate with the Reno law firm of Woodburn and Wedge.  You can view his online biography and obtain his contact information by clicking here.

At Battleborn Family Law, we welcome suggestions for future article topics, general comments and ideas on how we can improve upon our platform.  You may direct those remarks using the connect box below.

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